Foto: Kerstin Zimmermann, 4/2019


papergrass ist eine Band, die Spaß an der Musik hat und diese Musikfreude an das Publikum weitergibt. Die Songs sind selbst komponiert, getextet und arrangiert. Die musikalischen Hintergründe jedes Einzelnen ergänzen sich zu spannender und eigenständiger Musik, die sich nicht in gängige Schubladen einordnen lässt. Die Musiker von papergrass erhalten ihre Inspirationen aus der Rockmusik, gemischt mit Psychedelic, Klassik und Pop.


Was dabei herauskommt ist: SPACE ROCK


papergrass hat eine langjährige Kompositions- und Bühnenerfahrung. Nach diversen Konzerten, Radio-Interviews und Veröffentlichungen von zahlreichen Songs (Singles, Album und Downloads) erschien die Single "Mrs Honeybee" als Radioedition, sowie bei YouTube das dazugehörige Musikvideo.  Anschließend wurde die EP "papergrass" veröffentlicht.


Das neue Konzeptalbum Eternity ist erschienen und auf allen Portalen verfügbar!


Das ist der Band wichtig:

- publikumsorientierte Bühnenshow

- Freude an der Musik und dem Umgang mit Menschen

- musikalische Auseinandersetzung mit Themen der Zeit und deren künstlerische Umsetzung


papergrass - that‘s space rock with a message. It‘s not just music, it‘s the audible and visual expression of a vision for a better future and a more humane society. The music is as powerful as its content, it stays with you and lingers in the back of your head, long after you have finished listening to it. It’s spell-binding!


When seeing the band papergrass live on stage, the sheer fun they have playing their music is contageous and sparks excitement in everyone who listens. All of their songs are their own compositions, including sounds, lyrics and arrangements. The artists’ musical inspiration is influenced by rock, psychedelic, pop and classical music. All these elements are combined into the creation of an individual style, with a life of its own, which cannot be restricted to any common genre: Space Rock. 


Their extensive experience in composing and presenting music live on stage has resulted in some quite unusual songs. After numerous concerts, radio interviews and publications, their popular single „Mrs. Honeybee“ was published as a radio edition, supported by a music video, available on youtube. In 2013, the EP „Papergrass“ hit the market.


Their latest album „Eternity“ was created as a concept album, which deals with the hot topics currently polarizing our society. The „Work Trilogy“ points the finger on inhumane labour conditions, exploitation and increasingly sickening pressure on the work force worldwide. The song „Just Work“ is a hymn to breaking free from forced labour, the never ending greed for profit and the dead end called burnout. „Eternity“ conveys a vision - for a better future, a cleaner environment, respect thy neighbour and the planet. 


The album is available at all the main music platforms online. Selected songs are being aired via online radio stations in Germany, England and The Netherlands. 


The musicians of papergrass: 

Eva Hammerschmidt - Lead and backing vocals, keyboards

Ralph Coquette         -  Lead and backing vocals, bass guitar, percussion

Oliver Toth                 - Keyboards and synthesizers

Florian Altevogt         - Drums, percussion

Joshi Rasch              - Guitar


Tales of our time, told by the voice of powerful, melodic sounds - exciting, mysterious, artistic and impressive, and at the same time polarizing and eye-openingly honest. 

Neues Konzept-Album   -   new concept-album

papergrass bei Nils in den "ACCESS ALL AREAS STUDIOS" in Bremen

papergrass hat das Konzeptalbum Eternity im "ACCESS ALL AREAS STUDIO" in Bremen aufgenommen. Neun Songs wurden eingespielt (in Zusammenarbeit mit Nils Völker):


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